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    Hi all,

    I'm a new computer science teacher at a small high school in Ontario. My grade 12 class wanted to build a server box as a fun exercise. So, believing that if they ever were manage a network, this would be a real asset. So I went out and bought some old computer parts and build a box for them. I then dropped Windows Enterprise Edition 2003 on it. Now I need to learn how to use it

    So, I figured out how to create a group, then I added my students to that group and gave them separate folders. Now I have a basic file server.

    Then I figured out how to create a ftp folder and I can upload to it.

    Now, what I'd like to ultimately do is set up some sort of webserver. My kids should be able to upload their websites and php scripts and test them out.

    I'd also like to be able to administer the box from home.

    (they also want to run a game server)

    So can anyone help me with the webserver thing? I don't know how to even start it. Is there a control panel type prg I can d-load? Also, since we are at a high school we need to determine what ports are open to get "outside" how do I do that?

    Thanks! and sorry for the dumb questions.

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    Re: Newbie Advice

    You may want to delete this post before the mods see it. You already posted the same thing yesterday ( which has responses to your questions.
    Jake G

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      Re: Newbie Advice

      Sorry Jake - ONe of the admin's changed the the Title name on it so I couldn't find it and assumed that something went wrong and I reposted. It's not letting me delete it....


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        Re: Newbie Advice

        Thread closed for double posting as per:
        Michael Armstrong
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          Re: Newbie Advice

          (Sorry Michael, I need to boost my post count)

          Temagami, learning 2003 Server is really not something that can be taught on this or the majority of sites. We can answer questions to specific questions but the bulk of the learning is going to be up to you. Playing with the operating system is one way to learn.

          Using Train Signal is another. for Active Directory
 for DNS. These 2 tutorials will get you well on the way to getting you running your server. This one will get you proficient with Web & FTP

          Have a look, they are excellent and cover a great many other topics that may be of interest to your students.
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