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Remote Desktop Connection: Windows Server 2003

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  • Remote Desktop Connection: Windows Server 2003

    Hello again

    Two Windows 2003 servers - 'Box1' with Active Directory, DHCP and DNS; 'Box2' with basic NAT services to provide internet access for the network. Remote Desktop is set up on both machines.

    A remote user can establish a remote desktop connection with Box1, and from there establish a connection with Box2.

    How does the user make a connection directly with Box2 ?

    Just revealing my ignorance of routing again I guess

    Thanks for any suggestions

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    Change Box 2 to listen for Remote Desktop on a different port. Then forward the port in your NAT device to Box 2's IP.

    Connect using Box2IP:Port, ie

    How to change the listening port for Remote Desktop

    Remote Desktop Client for Windows XP/200x [5.2.3790] (I believe the updated client is now part of SP2)

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      Thank you Andrew,

      I got my boxes mixed up ! The user can connect to Box2 (NAT) but wants the remote desktop on Box1(DHCP). How do I forward the port in Box2 ?


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        If the box is DHCP it might be a problem. When forwarding a port you need to know the machine's IP address in advance, and because DHCP can change the IP at any moment problems can occur - you should probably create a static IP on this box. Anyway forwarding the port is done thru your NAT device, so I can't be much help to you there. Try checking the manufacturer's website for help.

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          Thanks Andrew

          Still struggling ! Box2 isn't a gateway router - it's a Windows 2003 server set up to provide NAT for a network in which Box1 (also Server 2003) provides Active Directory, DHCP and DNS.

          Both boxes have a fixed IP address on the internal network -

          Box1 is and the DHCP address pool is to The last address of this pool is excluded as it is the fixed ip address of the internal network card of Box2 - viz

          This setup works fine in the sense that the network gets about its business and users simply need to add the ip address of Box2 as their default gateway to get internet access.

          I can make a remote desktop connection to Box2 (which has its second network card attached to the external broadband connection.) Once connected to Box2 I can then make a further (successful) RDC from Box2 to Box1 but that seems a messy solution. I just want to be able to remotely access Box1 directly.

          I'm pretty new to all this and find the routing stuff pretty daunting - I've tried creating a static route but no joy

          Hope you can follow all this and come up with a few pointers




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            Finally cracked it !!

            Opened a port in the firewall and designated the ip address to which packets should be sent.

            Thanks for the helpful suggestions - much appreciated