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  • Suggestions for Server

    Ok. We've got our servers setup correctly for what we are doing. We have a single server setup as our Domain Controller, with AD, and performing DNS & DHCP services. It is also acting as our file server, however the files it's serving don't amount to much. It's used for storing 2 .mdb files. One about 17 meg, the other about 30 meg.

    The second server is the one I need suggestions with. It is a dual P3 1Ghz, 1Gb Ram, and only two 36Gb SCSI drives. Originally, it was to be for hosting our Web Site, and Email internally. However; the boss man has spoken, and that is not to be done. So now, I have a server that needs a plan. I'm new to networking, and don't really know what else this server could be when it grows up. I'm looking for help.

    Timothy N. Couch
    A1 Copy Systems

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    Hi Tcouch, if you're not yet need additional servers in your network for other purpose I'm suggest to run it as Secondary Domain Control (backup for your primary server) and file server backup if you don't have backup yet. You still can use it for other purpose in the future.