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tsadmin.exe always frozen

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  • tsadmin.exe always frozen

    Hi i am a new network admin so excuse me!

    I recently moved w2003 with terminal services to new hardware, although very time consuming eventually I got it to work.

    I promoted the new server moved 5 FSMO roles over and everything went well.

    Due to initially setting up licensing server incorectly I un-installed licensing server and terminal server then reinstalled and then realized tsadmin.exe started in frozen window.

    Basicly when you start tsadmin.exe it starts as a minimised icon in the task bar. For me to select it I have to launch task manager, applications select tsadmin and Switch To. This will open terminal services manager but only in a grayed out window that is frozen. For me to end I have to end task.

    Can anyone help!!


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    Re: tsadmin.exe always frozen

    Just Managed to find the solution.

    Logged in as yourself, go to this registry key:

    HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Terminal Server

    Delete the "Placement" value and exit Regedit.

    Now run the Terminal Services Manager and you should be able to
    see and use it.

    The problem is that at some point the TSM window position settings
    were saved in a high-resolution session; with it running in a low-
    resolution session, those values position it off the viewable

    Does it count if you help yourself