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Updates not getting downloaded on new WSUS 3.0 server.

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  • Updates not getting downloaded on new WSUS 3.0 server.

    Recently we installed and configured a new WSUS 3.0 server which will be used in one of our branch offices, we already have wsus 3.0 installed in our remaining branch offices which is working fine. This new server was configured to synchronize from an existing parent wsus server.
    The configuration went fine, initial sync was successfully completed, i then approved only security and critical updates for Windows XP only, after downloading around 900MB of updates the parent server was switched off due to power cutoff and the next day when i came in the updates were stuck at 900MB, i restarted the new wsus server but the updates just wudnt restart downloading. I then changed sync settings to point to windows update but in vain.
    I have attached screenshot of the wsus console, check the download status.
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