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  • common user profiles

    Hi all,

    How can I implement the common user profile for all users in a domain (windows 2003 server). or in a single pc (windows xp)?

    Desktop settings , folder view, etc.

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    Re: common user profiles

    Hi prateesh,

    The best way to implement a default user profile for a domain is to create one from scratch and place it in a folder on your server.

    Then in Active Directory, go to the users profiles and change the profile path to the one located on the server. when the users log on next time, they will all adopt the same profile.

    If you wish for the users to personalise this you can create individual copies of the default profile in the same location. Just remember to change the location path in AD.

    And for a single pc - it is the same method but you do not use Active Directory instead the user manager properties for a user on the pc will provide you with a profile path option.

    Hope this helps.
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      Re: common user profiles

      thanks for the informations...