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Help! Disk failure on Win2003 cluster

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  • Help! Disk failure on Win2003 cluster


    I've a cluster with 2 node with Win 2003 Ent and 1 diskarray SCSI
    This morning I've found a bad disk, so diskarray start rebuilding.

    Rebuild failed because another disk had bad cluster.

    I've backup and now array is working without one disk.
    On the server I've an instance of Sql 2000 Sever with 20 database.

    I must create a new array, and I would like to know what I have planned coud work:

    1) Switch off Node 2

    2) Put offline all resource in the cluster Node 1

    3) Switch off Node 1

    4) Make new volume on diskarray

    5) Switch on Node 1

    6) Create / Format Partition and give it the same name of before

    7) Restore backup

    Put on line resource on Node 1

    9) Switch on Node 2

    Could anyone tell me if it could work?

    Could anyone give me any help?

    Sorry for my english



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    Re: Help! Disk failure on Win2003 cluster

    what was on the shared cluster disk?

    its possible that would work if everything shuts down clean, but i dont see how it can if the array that n1 is accessing is down...

    you dont really have much of a choice though...

    this time, make sure that after you rebuild the array, you have a replacement hot spare and it is configured to failover during a disk failure.

    in addition, i would recommend full backups every night and incrementials thru the day so that in the event of failure, you can restore to the almost current state.
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      Re: Help! Disk failure on Win2003 cluster

      On Shared disk there are:

      Quorum Disk
      Database Disk