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bind wins to specific ip address

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  • bind wins to specific ip address

    How can I make wins listen on a specific ip address on windows 2003 server.
    Our server has several nics with multiple ips and subnets assigned to each nic. Wins is listening on each subnet but I want to force the service to listen only on specific ip addresses. We have a rras setup and wins is listening on the server on the first ip address we allocated for our vpn range. Instead I want it to listen on a the servers default address for that subnet.

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    bind wins to specific ip address

    Here is a little more information for clarification.

    We have two nics on the same network with multiple ips assigned to each.

    Nic one has two private ips assigned to it. A dhcp server listens on this nic and temporarily assigns ips to our voip phone system. The phones drop this intial ip and switch vlans where they then get a different ip from the phone system. Nic two has two ips assigned to it as well. One is the old public ip address and one is the new private ip. The server also responds to ip traffic on yet another ip address that is the first address in a range that we setup for vpn clients. I have determined that wins is listen on this last ip address and not the default address for the new private ips. I would like to know how to make wins listen either on every ip or on the ips that I specify.