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    I would like your feedback on a benchmarking program that we can use to benchmark our servers, before moving to a virtual environment.
    I would all like to know about any resources that can help me in planning a physical environment to virtual environment.
    So as for the benchmarking, I figured that I will need to know about the performance of my Windows Servers, so that I can plan for my virtual environment with a better understanding of server loads, because I do not want to underestimate on Blade Server hardware.
    Virtual Server Software VMWare ESX Server
    Thanks for your help!
    Any and all information is greatly appreciated.

    Mike Smith

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    Re: Benchmarking Software

    you have several free tools at your disposal by default...

    perfmon is the first. its totally underestimated. you can use it to get some good baseline reports. how to use perfmon for your org goes beyond the scope of this thread, so checkit here:

    depending on the applications you need to monitor, your choices will vary. a very helpful tool for monitoring SQL (and again free and included) is the profiler.,00.html

    if that isnt enough SQL data, you can get a trial from idera for their SQL monitor, which imo is the best out. its SQL monitoring for dummies, which suits me fine.

    sisandra has some benchmarking tools available. you may have to use a few of them together. most are free for trial and cheep to buy:

    and finally, you can watch net stats with a multitude of products, but i have some favorites.
    PTRG (kicks ass)

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