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Transfering Win2K CALs to Win2K3.

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  • Transfering Win2K CALs to Win2K3.


    We have an old domain setup on Windows 2000 Server. All CALs were bought for Windows 2000 Server. We're now upgrading to Windows 2003 Server and i was wondering if it's possible to move all the CALs we had on our 2000 domain to our new 2003 domain.

    Related to this, i've read some articles about Windows Server 2003 licensnig and some said that licensing didn't really matter in a practical way. Like, it doesn't matter if you have 30 users connected to the server and not enough CALs for them, you just won't comply with the licensing agreement. I'd like to verify this information.

    One last thing. Regarding the Per User and Per Device licensing, i would guess that Per Device licensing will be used when you have like, 10 users using only 1 PC. But when you have 1 User per PC it's better to go with Per Users licensing ?

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    Re: Transfering Win2K CALs to Win2K3.

    licensing always matters.

    if you have lics for 30 concurrent sessions, then you may not exceed 30 concurrent connections. that will be a problem if you have 35 users that need access.

    i dont know that CALs are migratable, but M$ does offer an upgrade price reduction when going from eX 5.5 to 2000, for example...

    if you purchase more, be sure to get 2003 CALs. the are backward compatible, and besides, the others arent available anymore.
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