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Client internet connectivity on Server 2003 network

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  • Client internet connectivity on Server 2003 network

    New member - this is a very interesting and helpful site !

    And so to my problem ….

    Server with two NICs.
    NIC1 attached to 100mb hub
    NIC2 attached to broadband router
    Clients attached to hub

    Server (running Windows Server 2003) has internet connect
    Server provides DHCP and clients connect straightforwardly.

    But I can’t get internet access from the clients.

    IP details:

    Server (NIC1): IP address & DNS server both No default gateway (Microsoft instruction for a multihomed computer)

    Server (NIC2) IP address (router supplied)
    Default gateway (router supplied)
    DNS Server (from cable provider)

    The clients have IP address and DNS address obtained automatically. (I have also set an alternate configuration the same as for Server NIC2)

    I guess this may be a routing problem (of which I have little understanding !) but I have added this to the server:

    Route add mask

    Can anyone help out a ‘silver surfer’ ? !


    Fen Tyler

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    Forward !!!

    Hi :
    You Was right .. You have a routing Problem ..
    you must configure you'r router to forward The Internet From Nic1 to Nic2.


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      Routing Problem?

      I am more of a network guy than a server guy- I was searching for an answer to really dumb question!!

      I am assuming you have routing turned on in the server and that the route you installed is in the server not the router.

      I would probably set a static IP address on the NIC attached to the router, in the same network range of course. That way if you lose your connection to the router you will always have the IP.

      You will probably also have to set your DNS servers (the ones that the W2K3 server uses) to either get the DNS IP server addresses from the router or your ISP should have provided the IP's.

      Do a quick check using cmd window and tracert (trace route) and ping to see where your packets are getting hung up. Start with a machine in the inside of your trusted network and work out.

      Let me know how it goes.