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Merging multiple shares into one DFS share, possible?

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  • Merging multiple shares into one DFS share, possible?

    Hi all. Longtime lurker, latest registrant.

    My question relates to DFS (and possibly, just regular share configs) - I've got a small WS2003 machine I'm running here at home which has just about all of the house's entertainment on it - videos, music, docs, etc. For various reasons, including those of cost, it's not running RAIDed - it has five separate HDDs in. A longterm goal is to migrate it to a RAID array and have everything duplicated and backed up, but I just can't afford it yet.

    So, up to this point, I've had a directory on each drive shared (so inside \\server, you have \site1, \site2, \site3, \site4, \site5) - TV would go on site4 due to its size, Films on site2 etc... But the problem I'm having now is that the amount of stuff on it is necessitating the creation of, for example, "TV" folders on more than one drive, meaning that you might have TV\SciFi on site4 and TV\Comedy on site2.

    I've been experimenting with DFS and it looks like it could provide a nice solution to having to mount each individual "site[1-5]" share in OSX (several housemates use Macs), but I'd really like to somehow virtually merge the various shares and consolidate their contents in a DFS or a regular Windows share if at all possible.

    I can do this with G6 FTP server; you can just create a folder in the root and use merge://<path1>,<path2> and it presents you with the consolidated contents upon login - but for the life of me, I can't find any way to do a similar thing to this in Windows.

    I hope I've made it clear what I'm trying to do - if anybody knows any kludges, workarounds or solutions to achieve this functionality, I'd be most appreciative.

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    Thanks in advance...

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    Re: Merging multiple shares into one DFS share, possible?

    DFS is really to consolidate shares into one place.




    You could make a DFS tree here to make it easier for the users to find their data. Instead of the user having to browse to each server they just need to browse to the DFS Root.


    In here they would see the four above folders as is if they were all on one server.

    I guess this isn't really what you want. Like you said this can be done with FTP with folder shortcuts. The connecting user wouldn't see it as a shortcut but instead a folder.
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      Re: Merging multiple shares into one DFS share, possible?

      Hehehe...get your housemates to chip-in!!

      Here's a couple of topics to consider:

      How to create and use NTFS mounted drives in Windows XP and in Windows Server 2003

      Volume Mount Points are specialized NTFS filesystem objects which are used to mount and provide an entry point to other partitions. Mount points can be created in any folder are surfaced as normal folders, accessing which gives a reference to the root folder of the mounted partition. In fact, any empty folder can be converted to a mount point. The mounted partition is not limited to the NTFS filesystem but can be formatted with any filesystem supported by Windows. Volume Mount Points are supported from NTFS 5.0, which was introduced with Windows 2000.

      How to create and manipulate NTFS junction points
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