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acronis true echo image server

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  • acronis true echo image server

    hello, I'm using a windows 2000 domain controller for 200 users,Recently I have upgraded the disk to be a dynamic disk and added another disk to build a raid1 mirror. During 50% of the resynch process it stops and says I have and io error on disk 0. I've used schdsk, defrag and a dsik check utility. Is it possible to use a product like acronis echo server, upgrade to a new disk without having issues with the sids or orphan domains?



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    Re: acronis true echo image server

    Hmm, I cannot answer your original question but have you considered installing a RAID-adapter in the server and run hardware raid? That might circumvent your problem. Just a thought.
    A wise man once said: "Assumption is the mother of all fu*k ups".

    Any advice I give is to the best of my knowledge, there is no guarantee what so ever that it will actually work in your particular scenario. I will not accept any responsibility for unexpected consequences, after all - you are taking advice from a complete stranger over the internet. =)


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      Re: acronis true echo image server

      Acronis works great, so take a image of your current working server, then setup Raid and restore the image onto new logical drive. You will need universal option(it will cost you another $199 for universal option) to restore the image onto new logical Raid drive, you will specify the raid controller driver during universal restore option.

      Let me know if you need more info!!!!


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        Re: acronis true echo image server

        Thanks for your replies I haven't checked my posts recently as I'm putting out fires elsewhere. I will try a hardware raid card for now and will redo my server to 03 or 08 ( always leary of new microsoft releases!)

        Thanks again!