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Licensing Problem

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  • Licensing Problem


    I have a little problem with a Windows 2003 domain. In the domain there are 3 Windows 2003 servers, 23 Windows XP, 3 Windows Vista PC's and 2 windows 2000.
    We have several times a week the problem that the clients receive a message "network not accessible" (or something like that, didn't wrote it down, but will do next time).
    When I look at the security logs at the server, I have several denied errors from random PC in the network during the day.
    When I visit the licensing manager on the servers I have :
    - 40 per user/seat licenses / 29 allocated - 0 per server licenses - 4 allocated
    The other two servers give the same info, except that there are the allocated server licenses 0, which should be good.
    I cannot find where that server is getting the 4 per server licenses from. Normally it would only have Per Seat licenses. Is there any method to trace the license usage?

    Can anyone help me with this?

    Tim Van Engeland