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Drive Mapping via Scripts in 2003

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  • Drive Mapping via Scripts in 2003

    Hi all,

    I am kind of confused about how the drive mapping process takes place in Server 2003 with Win XP pro clients. I have been fooling around with some things in the Active Directory Users and Computers and I managed to get one drive mapped to a user (using the "Home Folder" setting in the profile tab). This is great, but I have many users to manage.

    1. What I would like to do is have a script that I can place in my Organizational Units (my users of different authority exist in different OUs, based on what privileges they have). I assume that this can be done by creating a script file that exists in the OU, but I am not sure how to write that script file or if it the correct permissions will get set. Should my users be in OUs or in "Groups"? Or both?

    2. How can I automatically have a folder created for each user, and have that folder's permissions be restricted to that user, and automaticly map that folder to that user upon logon? I don't seriously have to create a share for each user and write a script for each of them, do I?

    4. What is the difference between "sharing" permissions and "security" permissions? Which ones should I touch when sharing a folder?

    5. Also, I need to know how to better manage permissions generally in my domain. I want my users to belong to different "groups" (like "Admins" or "Power Users" or "restricted users"). I can't seem to find the OUs I created in the ACL for sharing folders.

    Any help would be really great,


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    Re: Drive Mapping via Scripts in 2003

    You need a course. Without wanting to be rude your understanding of the concepts is poor. There is no way we could cover the concepts and background needed for your understanding of these topics by posting answers on a forum. I would strongly urge you to start looking at relevant training.

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      Re: Drive Mapping via Scripts in 2003

      Thanks, that is very helpful.


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        Re: Drive Mapping via Scripts in 2003

        How many users are you talking about?

        Have a look at this Train Signal Active Directory Lab and see if that can help you better understand the concepts. These Labs are very good and I am sure they will help.
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          Re: Drive Mapping via Scripts in 2003

          About 10 users currently, but it would be nice to scale it larger if I needed to in the future.

          You know, I actually took Stonelaughter up on his recommendation on courses. I've watched my way through the Active Directory training from the Mega Lab collection I got (wow - 26 labs). Its pretty good. I am now working with the file server lab. There is a lot in there on permissions and I now got the "Groups" thing sorted out in my mind. I think, yes, I see that there is a group policy video also. I hope there is some stuff on scripting (which is where I am really stuck now).

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