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Hostname not appearing on open sessions view

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  • Hostname not appearing on open sessions view

    If I view the open sessions on a fileserver (via Computer Management), the majority of instances only the IP address appears, not the client hostname. I tried a NSLOOKUP on a given IP address and it resolves the hostname correctly, but whats causing the majority of clients to display IP rather than hostname in this view?
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    Re: Hostname not appearing on open sessions view

    This is how it looks at my end, I have the same thing - not all workstations are resolved in the session part of shared resources on the server:

    When you use NSLOOKUP to find a host it's DNS.
    Hostnames in the sessions on the server is WINS.

    If you change the workstations to include a WINS server and set it to enabled (under network connections, properties, tci/ip, advanced, wins) they show up resolved. You might have to "repair" or disable/enable the network interface for it to go through.
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