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services running under iis

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  • services running under iis

    hi all

    i have server 2003 use as dc, ts and file
    i know its not recommended, but that is the case for now.

    this server is not hosting any ftp and web site
    yet those services are running.

    i disable ftp, witch was quite easy knowing that it is not used.

    my qestion is about other services on the iis

    web site - defualt web site
    windows media admin site

    application pools - defualt appPool
    pbs AppPool

    defualt smtp virtual server

    all those are running, is there is a way to know if i using it in my invironment?
    like smtp, i am not using exchange, so?

    thanks a lot

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    Re: services running under iis

    Stop the www service, the smtp service, and the iisadmin service and see if anyone screams or anything breaks.

    Do you not know because the server was in place before your time or are you asking because you genuinely don't know? If you built this server and did not install those services for a known reason then it's safe to shut them down.