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  • Drive mappings issue

    Hi guys. I need your advice. Iím having a logon issue with a kixtart script. Iím not sure itís the script or another issue so here goes.
    Windows 2003 server
    Win XP stations
    GPOís in use
    Two types of users. Teachers and students.
    Teachers roaming profile with desktop redirection in GPO
    students no roaming profile and desktop redirection in GPO

    At the start of the script I have the following for all users
    Net use * /delete
    Net use k: \\servername\share
    The teachers get k: mapped on logon
    students donít get k: mapped on logon where as they previously where. The only changes that have taken place recently is the desktop folder redirection in GPO managment

    I cant use the net use command to see whats in use when logged on as teacher or student as the GPOs prevent this and I am reluctant to make changes to the GPO to gain access to cmd when logged on as a student as 900 students will play havoc whilst Iím testing.
    All permissions are in place on the share and folder permissions for students but I cant get k: to map. I can change the drive letter to say net use p: \\servername\share and this works which suggests K: may be in use for students when they logon but I cant check this without access to a cmd prompt when logged on as a student.
    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Drive mappings issue

    Sounds like a permission problem for the students. I'd say you are getting an error in the script but it's not being displayed. I use a GPO to run a Windows Script so I can see all errors and control them as I wish so I don't know about Kixtart.

    Try manually mapping the drive on the student session. Also, you can override the current user's limitations by using RunAs to run Windows Explorer as an admin. From there you can get into Control Panel, CMD, etc with elevated priviledges.

    I would create a test OU and place a test workstation in there. Log in as a test student. If it works, then continue to add GPOs and retest as it might be a GPO that is restricting the mapping.
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