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disabling user account

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  • disabling user account


    I want to disable user accounts of the users who are coming late to office.

    our shift starts at 9am..grace peroid for coming to office is 9:30am so after that time i want user account get locked that user will not able to login to pc.

    so any suggestions how can i do be automatically.


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    Re: disabling user account


    Using logon hour group policy you can deny users to logon, but you can can disable for specific time for which you require 3rd party toll

    Just for info.....

    it will not disable the login but you can define the user limit quota

    Muneer Khan


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      Re: disabling user account


      i know it can be done by logon hours policy..but it does not allows me to limit for half hours(9:30am in this case..i've can block for 9am or 10am)

      indeed its great tool..i'll give it a try.

      any other ideas..cause after approval i've to unlock the user account.


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        Re: disabling user account

        It's possible to script it but then you're topic needs to be moved and our scripting guru Rems can help you with it.
        Just a general thought:

        Make a loginscript which writes to a textfile who is logging in.
        Make a VBScript which do:
        * connect and read out the textfile created by the loginscript.
        * connect to AD
        * For every user writes the disable/lockout property if it doens't match a entry of the textfile

        Run the script every day by a sheduled task or just doubleclick on it when it's time.
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          Re: disabling user account

          So if I go to lunch then come back in an hour, my workstation will screen-save and not allow me to logon????

          YIPPEEE! I'm going home early....

          Sounds like a pretty crappy thing to do if you ask me! Why would you want to lock users out if they are late so they don't have to work? What if they have the morning off or when daylight savings starts/ends!?? Don't do it! You're going to end up managing this thing all day long.

          What's the point anyway?? Run a report and give that to HR/Management instead.
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