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Windows 2003 Ent ASR problem

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  • Windows 2003 Ent ASR problem

    I have a Compaq ML570 which currently has a U320 73GB dynamic system/boot drive. This is on an Adaptec 29160N SCSI U160 adapter.

    The problem arises when trying to use ASR. The drive I want to replace the U320 with is a U160 73GB Seagate. However, the drive is marginally smaller in formatted size.

    The ASR fails when it can't find a suitable drive: all of the others in the machine are on an Adaptec 3200s in the two cages and are in arrays.

    I would like to determine why, when there is well over 50% free space on the boot drive, it can't use the U160 to complete the operation.

    Probably, there is no cure, because I can't resize a dynamic drive, it only has one possible status and that's the complete drive.

    Has anyone any idea of a fix?

    I really don't want to have to reinstall the operating system, it's bad enough with the update queue usually exceeding a hundred, and then there is the AD set up as well.

    Also, I can't trust Windows to install on the C: drive so a backup restore is uncertain. The current installation is on J: even though it's ID0 on the Adaptec card.