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Global Catalog W2k and W2003

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  • Global Catalog W2k and W2003

    Hi guys this is my scenario

    Currently we have 3 DCs , all of them DNS AD Integrated

    1. Server A Windows 2003 r2 DC with the 5 FSMO roles also GC
    2. Server B Windows 2000 SP4 DC , Dns, CA server, also GC
    3. Server C Windows 2000 SP4 DC , Dns.
    4. Server D Windows 2000 SP4 NO DC, Exchange 2000

    All in the same building, just one domain

    The last week we have many problems when we make server A the only GC in the network. Our Exchange 2000 start to act strange.The outlook clients start to ask for
    ask for USER/PASS/DOMAIN , they were disconnected from the Exchange.. and Exchange started to have problems with the MAD.exe. The service was down.

    We had to make Server B GC again to make the things work.

    What do i have to do to not repeat this case?.


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    Re: Global Catalog W2k and W2003

    Within ESM > Directory Access tab under Properties of the server, you can select which GC the Exchange server should use. Make sure this is setup correctly. Also, if you have a firewall blocking GC ports you'll have issues.