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  • NetBios/445

    My pc (running XP) was constantly listening on port 139 and 445.

    I followed the instrucitons to close both and now I have a few problems. Unfortunantly I didn't back up the registry. The first thing I noticed is that when I try to "repair" the connection in the Status menu, it says:

    The following steps of the repair operation failed:
    Purging and reloading the remote cache name table of NetBT.
    Sending Name Release packets to WINS and then starting Refresh

    When I try to access sites, they will load sometimes, but I see in the port monitor that the site makes multiple connections to my computer. Usually it results in frozen traffic.

    On the registry key for TransportBindName, I think the original value was "Device1" or something similar. I have tried to backtrack and undo all changes made, but this is the only one I can't seem to get right. If I have, my problems still existed. Any suggestions? (I turned back on NetBios helper in services, re-enabled netbios etc). I also found this error in event log related to NetBT (after undoing all changes - minus the registry):

    Initialization failed because the driver device could not be created.

    I now see that after these changes, port 445 and 139 remain closed, but 135 is open. I don't think I had any WINS server numbers entered before but I could be wrong. I am just a home user with no network (connection is USB ADSL). Any help to relieve this stuttering mess would be greatly appreciated.

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    Go to
    There you can get a pdf of XP services and W2K. Look his sight over good.
    It's a knowen fact that XP home is NOT that great. It's a striped Ver.

    It your not running any Servers, file and print shares, Ect. I'd on load
    some things in that OS. If your useing 512K Ram or less. Then I would uninstall things that are not needed.
    alot on things that XP loads are default. I use XP Pro, as I have more control on what goes on in the back Ground. Hope this helps. If not drop a line, I'll go far into detail with you.

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