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Unique Server 2003 Share Issue

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  • Unique Server 2003 Share Issue

    Hi all,

    its been a while since ive last posted on the forums hope everyone is well....

    i have a unique problem so i will make it short and to the point....

    now before i start i want to make sure you all know i have checked the following, NIC configuration, firewalls (there is non), ping, netbios test and quick registry fixes.

    To the story,

    a few months ago we bouth 2 dlink dns323 NAS machines. Raided. All worked fine. set thyem up to the network, static ips, set up shares and started using them with symantecs backup exec 11d. Worked wonderfully for 6 months.

    The problem i have now is.....the server has lost communications over the NAS systems (both of them). The server can ping them by both ip address and also netbios name. All successfull. With playing around with the NAS's changing settings and ips etc etc.....i noticed that when i am logged into a client machine (XP Pro) the network not only allows me to ping it successfully i can also view the can this be???

    The server has been locked out of the shares and the clients can see it ok??? Nothing has been touched at the server side...just a reboot once after some installed updates then this...i have heard rumours that server 2003 has the same issue with samba shares as vista......does anyone know of any fixes..??

    Or why this problem is what it is.......why cant my server browse the contents of the share via \\hostname\share or \\ipaddress\share

    This is truly a mystery but a serious one as i need to get those backups working again asap

    hope you guys can help

    All the best


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    Re: Unique Server 2003 Share Issue


    i fixed it finally

    thanks non the less


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      Re: Unique Server 2003 Share Issue

      For the benefit of future generations, would you mind telling us how?
      Tom Jones
      MCT, MCSE (2000:Security & 2003), MCSA:Security & Messaging, MCDBA, MCDST, MCITP(EA, EMA, SA, EDA, ES, CS), MCTS, MCP, Sec+
      PhD, MSc, FIAP, MIITT
      IT Trainer / Consultant
      Ossian Ltd

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        Re: Unique Server 2003 Share Issue

        Originally posted by Ossian View Post
        For the benefit of future generations, would you mind telling us how?
        Sure thing,

        basically we all already know that all identical server 2003 installs are the same more or less but over time each server becomes different via its registry settings and environment settings (ie networks and DNS etc)

        I tried going thru all the services one by one with no issue was quite unique when it came to why only my NAS storage systems were locking out my server only and no other machine.

        Fix propositions varied from restarting the worstation serive (which in effect restarted another 6 services without successfully starting them all, inc netlogon, messenger and a few other like information store of exchange.)

        Then i started digging deeper finding that other sys admins had discovered the service computer browser could start causing share issues at later points of the domain or network lifetime. They recommended disabling this service on the policy side of AD so no pcs would have this running. The problem was without creating a seperate policy as an extra to the default adding this into the default policy meant the server would disable its service also.

        There are also around a couple of registry fixes which my server already had set correct. Im not sure now exactly the registry locations but it was to make sure that 2 things were set as true. (I think by default if the server hasnt got any issues these are already set correct)

        Again my issue was unique because i did not have a problem with seeing all clients on the network i was just locked out of the NAS systems but then the clients which were able to connect to the NAS proved there was nothing with the NAS so what was going on????

        I tried flushing the dns then re registering it again - nothing, i even used commands such as NBTSTAT -R to make sure no rogue setting were set in the resolver cache - Still nothing.

        Now my server is a bit complex as anyone reading my posts before would know....i have 2 different networks running thru the server at the same time and a smoothwall linux box to help with my client routing between the 2 lans and the 4 wans. A bit messy but we had no choice since the company had 2 different IT parties programing cisco boxes and vpns before my time....the way around it was my solution of 2 nics and a smoothwall router. Great peice of kit if you ask me.

        Anyways, i found the solution was more simple than i expected in my case. Something had corrupted itself in the LAN setting of one of the nic cards or both. I knew this becuase i decided to remove all current setting of the adapters and refresh the system by rebooting the server. When i added the edxact same details again to the NICs the server successfully managed to see the NAS shares again.

        What i still dont know is why the server had locked itself out of the connection with the NAS boxes in the first place? My suspicious eye is with the symantec backup exec which i have programmed to access the NAS boxes direct and backup in the share everyday. This worked find for 6 months tho so its hard to point it at that.

        Hope this giude helps in the future anyone with a similar problem

        All the best