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Auditing On Nt4 Server

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  • Auditing On Nt4 Server

    Is there any command tool that can be used for File and Folder AUDITING on NT4 server? Something as setACL.exe
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    Re: Auditing On Nt4 Server

    Sorry, I don't understand what you mean. Are you talking about adding entries to the "which users to be audited for what" list? (I think you can do this with setACL XCACLS, or some other acl-modifying tool). Are you talking about changing server-wide auditing settings?

    Don't forget, audit triggers generate events in the Security Log... the actual auditing is done there. There is no way you could usefully analyse a Security Log on the command line...

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      Re: Auditing On Nt4 Server

      Yes with cacls you can set access permission on file or folder but not auditing.
      I can use setACL on W2k and W2k3 easily but unfortunately not on NT4.
      So i have been searching tool to enabling file and folder auditing on NT4 servers for specific users.