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DNS accross subnets

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  • DNS accross subnets

    Have a network with a single 2003 server running DHCP, DNS, AD, Exchange, File and Print.

    A network has been setup at another building down the road.

    There is an ISP based private network between them.
    Meaning I can ping any ip address on the network from any device on the network and vice versa.

    Am trying to setup a server on the new network.
    Its only DNS server entry for the new server is the ip of the old server on the other subnet.
    Using IE on the new server, can resolve Internet Addresses, but using ping, cannot resolve names of hosts on the other subnet.
    I want to join the AD domain hosted by the server on the old subnet, but cannot resolve the name of the server.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: DNS accross subnets

    I'm guessing that the new server can resolve internet domains because it is using the root hints and going directly to the internet to resolve and not using your old DNS server. I suspect then that the problem is DNS traffic is not crossing the private ISP network from the new subnet to the old subnet. I would put a traffic sniffer on both sides of the connection and see if you see DNS traffic crossing the ISP link. Also, what happens if you ping by ip address and trace route from the new subnet to the old?


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      Re: DNS accross subnets

      You'll need to check the following to start with:

      1. The primary DNS suffix matches that of the servers on your other network
      2. Ensure that the server is pointing at itself for name resolution
      3. Flush the DNS server cache and try again

      When running nslookup on the command prompt do you get any errors?


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        Re: DNS accross subnets

        figured it out.

        Was trying to resolve just the machine name.

        Once I tried the full machinename.domain.local it worked.
        So to join the domain, I enter the full domain.local etc to join it.

        Now that the new server has joined the Domain, I can ping just the hostname ok.