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  • Licencing Questions

    Hi Guys,

    I require some clarification on licencing. We currently have a windows 2003 domain - one server is a file server with 40 licences installed in per server mode

    We have around 60 users now and occasionally people cant access shares. i get the odd message in application event viewer saying that the there is no cal for X user and i should check my licences.

    We never have (or rarely have) all users on-line.

    my question is, does one machine use one licence... or is it per connection. IE if i i connect to 2 different shares on the same server does that use 2 licences?

    My second question is... Are these licences Domain wide? ie if there are shares on another server does it take a licence from this one or do i have to buy licences for that box too?

    thanks for the clarifictation

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    Re: Licencing Questions


    In per server mode it's specific to a server. "40 per server" means that 40 concurrent sessions can be made to a particular server.

    Secondally connection is not based on users it's based on machines.

    e.g. If a user is logged in a machine and he opens 2-3 shares then a single license will be used but if user logs in two different machines and open a single share from different machines two licenses will be used.

    Kapil Sharma
    Life is too short, Enjoy It.


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      Re: Licencing Questions

      Thanks for the help.

      are there any tools i can use other than computer management to check the concurrent sessions? every time i check there are only around 20 user connections even though the event log is reporting that i have run out of licences.

      i would also like to log this if possible so i can see when its peaking and why