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DFS files corrupted during MOVE

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  • DFS files corrupted during MOVE

    A couple of IT "gurus" attempted to do a drag and drop MOVE of a Windows 2000 DFS tree to a Windows 2003 Storage Server (HP).

    The DFS tree consisted of four older Pentium II/III servers distributed across the network at various locations. The MOVE was done during normal business users when there was DFS activity their "theory" being that the MOVE would be safer than a COPY.

    There were no complete backups of the DFS which supports about 400 users.

    This sounded like a monumentally bad idea to me. The result of the MOVE was that the files/folders on the orginal DFS servers were deleted while many of the files on the Storage Server were corrupted and could not be opened by the native applications.

    I'm interested to know others' opinions of this action as well as alternative procedures. My plan had been to make tape backups of the physical servers (not over the network) during off hours with the DFS quiescent and restore these to the Storage Server leaving the old DFS files in place but I'd be open to other suggestions.


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    Re: DFS files corrupted during MOVE

    The most common way to migrate DFS roots and folders to just add the new server to the root/folder, wait for it all to replicate and then remove the old server...

    I don't know what the heck they were thinking. You can't just copy/paste DFS roots/folders.


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      Re: DFS files corrupted during MOVE

      I think that the idea was that the Storage Server was in a new domain/forest, to which the users were to be migrated, but I'm not sure.


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        Re: DFS files corrupted during MOVE

        Im with Meekrobe on this.
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