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Windows 2003 CD 2 issue [was:Cd 2]

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  • Windows 2003 CD 2 issue [was:Cd 2]

    I am currently in the process of upgrading my Exchange 2000 box to 2007. I just installed CD1 of Windows 2003 OS which went okay. Due to the holiday I was unable to obtain CD2 from my boss. I upgraded the 2003 machine with SP2 and the Windows updates now that I try to install cd2 it states the OS is different which I expected. My question is what problems do you see if I continue with just CD1 installed? Should I just start over? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Cd 2


    Need to be more descriptive because Windows 2003 comes in single CD. R u trying to install Windows 2003 R2.......?

    Kapil Sharma
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      Re: Cd 2

      The helpful title fairy strikes again....

      Server 2003 is normally one CD, but the R2 version has a second CD with additional tools. Is this what you are trying to install? If so, you can continue without the additional R2 functionality.

      Are both sets from the same version (e.g. standard as opposed to enterprise)?
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        Re: Cd 2

        Its likely that the service pack install is the cause of your problem but if you dont need the additional functionality of R2 then you'll be fine as you are.


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          Re: Cd 2

          Thanks all, I was installing R2. I was just concern since this box will be running Exchange 2007. The problem came about because the CD had Windows 2003 R2 x64 with SP1 and I updated to SP2 and then tried to install CD2 after my boss came back.

          Thanks again hopefully my Exhange rollout has no problems


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            Re: Windows 2003 CD 2 issue [was:Cd 2]


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              Re: Windows 2003 CD 2 issue [was:Cd 2]

              No problem, I saw that after I hit submit. It will not happen again.


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                Re: Windows 2003 CD 2 issue [was:Cd 2]

                Hope you have installed the 64bit version of Windows 2003 R2 Server.
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