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  • domain controller configuration

    Hi friends,

    I need help again on some windows 2003 domain controller setup.The scenario is as below:

    - My company(XYZ) have 2 sites,which is site A and site B

    - Site A already have its own win2k3 server configured as standalone domain controller and served as dns,ad and file server for site A only.The name of the domain is configured as

    - Currently Site B,wanted to create a domain controller too which has the same purposes as Site A's DC.

    - Both sites are connected via router to router always on vpn connections

    In general,we want to be able to do these things:

    - share resources on each DC as we're in the same domain.
    - administrator can manage files/shares/resources/permissions on both DC as we're in a same domain
    - each sites will be using it's own DC as it primary DC like for authenticating,dns,etc

    So the questions is:

    - What should we configure the new DC controller type,domain controller for new domain or additional controller for an existing domain?
    - The domain/AD name of the new DC should be the same as site A(XYZ) or different?
    -Could we just configure the server as standalone dc and share resources?

    Please advice me the best configuration in my situation to achieve my goals.I'm sorry guys for bothering you all,I'm really a n00b in these AD/DC/Forest terminology.Thank you very much in advance for all the experts comments that you may have.

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    Re: domain controller configuration

    Create 2 sites in AD, A + B, and install a second domain controller in an exisitng domain. Move the server in A to the site A and same for the server in B.

    Point each client machine at both sites to the local DNS, DHCP server.


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      Re: domain controller configuration

      Thanks for the reply wullieb1.I think I got the idea.Thanks


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        Re: domain controller configuration

        Originally posted by jinsatoemo View Post
        Thanks for the reply wullieb1.I think I got the idea.Thanks
        No problem.