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how Can I configure Clustering

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  • how Can I configure Clustering

    Dear All,

    I am running an ERP application on two servers and now want to configure a clustering,

    Scenario is

    Server 1 IP is

    Server 2 IP

    As per my study and knowledge need to have 2 NIC's on both servers let say LAN WAN.. WAN NIC's are having above mentioned IP addresses.. LAN NIC's are conneted each other with one cable is this a right way to assign another class IP without gateway or what....

    Please guide me in order to configure my clustering configuration...


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    Re: how Can I configure Clustering

    there are a few questions you need to answer before you begin clustering your servers...

    like what is the purpose of your clustering? High-availability or for redundancy? you know.. the basics. you never said if you planned on putting exchange on the cluster, or SQL or anything.. and that will have an effect on what route you take to get your cluster.

    here is a KB on how to configure the private heartbeat on the LAN adapters. this is the same for all the cluster types you will set up.
    "Recommended private "Heartbeat" configuration on a cluster server"

    M$ makes a tool that will check the configuration of your cluster and help identify some problems if its not working. its called the "Microsoft Cluster Configuration Validation Wizard (ClusPrep)."

    here is the M$ Cluster Configuration Best Practices for Windows Server 2003. its for sever 2003 and should be read before you begin your clustering adventure, imo.

    and just in case it was planned for an exchange cluster, here is a walk thru (with pictures!wheee!) for setting that up:

    i think that is more than enuf to get you started. you can run thru those documents and use the tools and links to investigate more. if you have trouble after that, get back with us.
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      Re: how Can I configure Clustering

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