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alternative to using exchange and vpn server or not?

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  • alternative to using exchange and vpn server or not?


    i do basic IT consulting but i have never setup an exchange or an vpn server so below are my questions.

    My client thinks they need exchange and vpn. For exchange they would only be using owa and being able to access email on the pda phone. They do not share their calenders or contacts. There is only 10 or less users. Also the server will be in an unmanned location. No one is there at the physical location. They also would like a way to have all the files stored in one location they can retreive at any time. Right now they use outlook and when they need a new email address it takes me 5 minutes to create and very easy to manage with as their email is hosted with earthlink.

    So my questions are
    Exhange questions:
    1. is setting up and monitoring/manage an exchange server worth it for 10 or less employees especially in an un manned location?

    2. if i do have to setup exchange should i just hire someone who has experience or is there a crash course on setting up exchange server?

    3. Is there alternatives to exchange server? I have found a few alternatives but have no clue if one is better than the other? Either a software that works on the server like online or maybe a web based alternative like

    Again this would be in an un manned location. Also they all use laptops computers so they always have all their data with them at all times.
    1. Again should i hire somone for vpn or is there a crash course?
    2. Are there alternatives to vpn.
    3. What if i do setup vpn. I have would like an alternative to tape drive backup. Rather using some online backup that connects to the server i think is a better solution. What do you think?