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Why does my server freeze?

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  • Why does my server freeze?

    We have an older Windows 2000 Server that freezes occasionally, and it seems to be getting worse. When it freezes Ctrl-Alt-Del does not work. It has to be power cycled.

    When the computer sits unused it does not seem to occur. Moderate use as a File and Print Server sometimes causes the freeze. But when it is really hard at work (e.g. a virus scan) it is increasingly likely to freeze up. I do not get a blue screen or errors. I cannot find anything revealing in the event logs. It just suddenly dies and has to be unplugged to restart it.

    I installed a utility for routine maintenance like cleaning the registry, and I installed service pack four. But this did not change anything.

    What is likely the underlying problem?

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    Re: Why does my server freeze?

    Wow, this is a broad one.

    My first thought was maybe a heat issue. Or some other hardware related issue.

    Could be drivers......or just about anything else. I'm just grasping at straws here, really I have no idea without being at the machine.

    If the server is filling a vital role I would get it fixed or replaced ASAP.

    Best of luck!
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      Re: Why does my server freeze?

      Ask a meteorologist?

      Seriously, look at the things Bill mentioned,
      Also open it up and (carefully) remove all the dust (use compressed air)
      Remove and re-seat cards, connectors and RAM (very carefully)
      Since it only fails under load, it could be the processor fan is not doing its job properly -- more processor work = more heat = problems.

      Could you please post some hardware specs to give us more clues,
      also see if you can get some software to pull operating temperatures off the hardware?

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