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  • Windows Active Directory Recovery

    Hi all,

    I created this document of a setup i recently handled and hoped to share it with the Admin community..

    Please follow the link below, any comments welcomed

    http :// server-helpdesk . blogspot . com

    Part document below ...

    The Battle Field

    Two Branded Intel Xeon Processor 7200 Series servers, one running Windows Server 2003 (SBS) with Exchange 2003 (will call it S1). This was a new server that was added to an existing Windows 2000 Domain, it held all FSMO (Flexible Single Master Operations) Roles. The second older server was running Windows 2000 Advanced Server with AD, Terminal Server (Application Mode), DNS and DHCP(will call it S2). File Replication configured and running.
    A third server running Windows 2003 Server (STD. ED.) with ISA 2004(will call it S3).
    [this is a very small network with just 100 users distributed over 3 buildings in about a radius of 1 km. Connectivity is achieved with a combo of Fiberoptic, 100/1000 Mbps Lan]

    The Problems Reported to ME...(be ready to... freak out)

    1. Users if at times can be created on one of the DCs, not replicated to the other.
    2. New users created cannot logon to domain.
    3. Directory service has exhausted the pool of relative. (Pops up when the DC that holds the RID Master
    FSMO role cannot be reached like if you want to create new objects as new RIDs cannot be allocated)
    4. AD MMC reports, DC's are non - functional and cannot be contacted.
    5. Internet Access is intermittently available (Reason: as ISA cannot be contact DCs) duh.. anyone can tell that
    6. Exchange server also processes mail requests erratically. duh...duh
    7. Thin Clients automatically disconnected. - In regard to this the IT admin on-site observed that those TS clients that were being disconnected automatically were on one specific network adapter. So he disabled NIC2 on S2. (MAJOR MISTAKE - MS admins Beware)
    8. SYSVOL contains the "NtFrs_PreExisting___See_EventLog (This I checked on-site as I was aware replication was not working)
    9. Server Event Logs - A sight for sore eyes!

    What’s working?

    1. Existing Users (Thin Clients/ Desktop Users) can logon to server.
    2. Network wide shares and printers available.
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    Re: Windows Active Directory Recovery

    You do know that SBS is limited to 75 Users, don't you!

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      Re: Windows Active Directory Recovery

      yes the no. of cals on SBS is only 75... true, but we have employees working here in 3 shifts so 75 concurrent sessions is more than sufficient.

      Thanks for the pointer.. will update the same