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DNS: Adding .com Forward Zone

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  • DNS: Adding .com Forward Zone

    Hello ALL:

    Currently we are running win2003 AD, with xxxx.local domain in AD integrated DNS. My question is that we need to resolve some host that have .com add with our internal add and not our public add. It was suggested by one of our Admins that we should add another zone in DNS with .com, ex:
    So do you guys think that this solution would work and what problems might this solution cause.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: DNS: Adding .com Forward Zone

    You could use conditional forwarding. You configure this in DNS and add the domain name a DNS server that hosts that domain name.

    So whenever you perform a DNS query against a domain it knows exactly where the DNS server is.

    Sorry but I'm not very good at explaining certain things so check out the following article:

    Hope this is what your looking for.

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      Re: DNS: Adding .com Forward Zone


      Thank You for your response!!!!

      My company owns name, External host can access through internet without a problem.

      For internal host I would like them to resolve to the private add of our network. Do I need to setup forward zone in my DNS, currently we have test.local setup in our DNS. If do setup zone in my dns will it cause any problems?


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        Re: DNS: Adding .com Forward Zone

        I suggest you Split DNS, if I have understood your post correctly.

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          Re: DNS: Adding .com Forward Zone

          You can set up an internal zone to force your clients to resolve records internally. Just make sure that you create all the appropriate records that match all your external records for the zone (www, ftp, etc., etc.). Otherwise this would be a problem for internal clients trying to resolve a record that exists externally but not internally. When you set this up the clients will resolve all the records to the internal ip addresses.