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Automate User Folder Creation

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  • Automate User Folder Creation

    Is there a way to automate user folder creation? I remember someone told me that there is a way to set this up but I am not sure on how to do it. The process creates a new user folder upon login of a new account where My Documents, Desktop, and Favorites get redirected to the user folder. Please help.

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    Re: Automate User Folder Creation

    the following KB will inform you on how to create folders with the proper permissions using ADUC or the cmd line.

    using the '%username%' variable will allow you to include the commands in a batch file, and will automatically generate a folder with the users logon name if it isnt present.

    the second part of your questions is a different subject, and is called 'folder redirection.' here is an KB on this subject. in addition, look at the article here about the same subject...

    simple folder redirection walk-thru:

    here are some best-practice/recommendations:
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      Re: Automate User Folder Creation

      I will give this a shot. Thank you very much for your help.


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        Re: Automate User Folder Creation

        The Folder Creation part (not the redirection) is easily done in ADUC by multiple selecting the desired users /properties/profile tab.
        Then in the home folder part, you use the likes of:


        and the folders will be created under the "users" share (which you have already created) on the server and with the correct permissions.


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