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deleting from client computer

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  • deleting from client computer

    i was wondering if it is possible to delete user profiles from an XP Pro client computer on the network to a network drive using a batch file?

    Can I just use the ERASE or DEL on the network drive and everything goes bye-bye?

    Thanks for any assistance!

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    Re: deleting from client computer

    Its probably just because its early and I've yet to finish my first coffee of the day but I'm not fully understanding. Are you trying to move the profiles? Or remove them off all your XP computers? Maybe centralising profiles to your network? Deleting all redundant profiles?

    This one should probably move to the scripting forum, guys there have scripting down to an art form. Will see you there when the Mods wake up


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      Re: deleting from client computer

      Yes you can do.....

      Although below might not be relevent to you but we are using it in our setup to delete old files, so just thought to share it:

      Kapil Sharma
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