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  • Need Help - RIS Server

    I have a Windows Server2003 running RIS. I have installed an image. When I boot the client it connects with the server and I get into the RIS installation process. But I get an error:

    the operating system image you selected does not contain the necessary drivers for your network adapter.

    I know what this is trying to tell me but I can't seem to find the right drivers. The client machine is a Dell GX270 and it appears the drivers for the NIC are E1000325.sys, .inf, .cat, .din. In researching I understand there is a special E1000325.inf file needed but I can't find one on the Intel site - it seems it may no longer be available.

    In researching I found a Microsoft document giving a workaround of clearing out the minihelp entries by replacing the help text with "h". It seems there is a bug that has a problem if the .inf is over 4k. Supposedly by clearing the help text the file comes down small enough.

    when I did the above I cleared all of the .pnf files (they get rebuilt the first time a client attempts to connect). I, also, stopped the binlsvc service and restarted it. Even after all of this I am still getting the error. I have the following adjustments in place (in addition to the above):

    1) Created directory tree under my image folder (BAC-Agent-Image) as follows:

    2) I placed in the Nic folder, above, 5 files:

    3) I placed in the BAC-Agent-Image\i386 folder the same files noted in #2, above

    4) updated all of the .sif files to place in the [Unattended] category the following lines:
    DriverSigningPolicy = Ignore
    OemPreinstall = yes
    OemPnpDriversPath = \Drivers\Nic

    the above lines were added to the following files
    RemoteInstall\setup\English\Images\Windows\i386\ri norprt.sif
    RemoteInstall\setup\English\Images\Windows\i386\ri stndrd.sif
    RemoteInstall\setup\English\Images\Windows\i386\te mplates\ristndrd.sif

    I appreciate I did not, necessarily, have to update all of these files - but not being sure which to update I figured it would not hurt to hit them all.

    So, I believe I am still having a driver problem but cannot figure out how to fix this. Could someone help me with what I must be missing?

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    Re: Need Help - RIS Server

    Unfortunately, Microsoft's RIS, while absolutely BRILLIANT in SO MANY respects, is absolutely CRAP when it comes to supporting Network Cards. You need to find a more generic driver, compatible with RIS, which will make the NIC "go" enough to finish the build through to the GUI phase when you can install the correct driver for use on the finished build.

    I can't remember the exact details of what I had to do with this (I last put together a RIS build in early 2005) or where the articles were but I'm pretty sure that's the broad-brush approach I had to take.

    Sorry I can't be more detailed.

    For my own and your protection, I do not provide support by private message under any circumstances. All such messages will be deleted and ignored.

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      Re: Need Help - RIS Server

      My advice would be to get a 3Com NIC card and use that.

      I totally agree with Tom on this one. RIS is fantastic ONCE you get it running.

      Try this here

      Or even this


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        Re: Need Help - RIS Server

        Thanks for the information. Unfortunately I have already tried that. I have placed updated E1000325 drivers in the Nic folder and in the i386 folder. I updated all of the .sif files with the changes noted in the article. What I am finding is all of the articles are dated 2005. They reference a special E1000325.inf file needed for RIS but it is no longer available on the Intel site. I tried pulling the Pro/100 driver (E100b325) but it did not work. I tried a workaround I found on the Microsoft site to clear the mini help text in an effort to decrease the size of the E1000325.inf file - also did not work.

        Everyone says RIS is wonderful but to me it just sucks. If it is supposed to make life easier then why would they make this part of the step so damned hard?

        Unfortunately my management is looking for this to work. I have tried a million combinations of drivers - with no success. If anyone can help that would be so appreciated.


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          Re: Need Help - RIS Server

          Ok - I have made progress. I have my image but there is also a generic image in the folder. When I was putting the drivers in place I was only putting them in my folders and not the generic folder. Once I put them in the generic folder I got by the issue.

          Now I am hitting a different issue - it gets to teh p oint where it wants to format the partition and stops with an error

          ================================================== =
          Setup cannot format the partition

          Your computer may not have enough memory to perform this operation or your windows XP CD-ROM may contain some corrupted files

          Setup cannot continue. To quit setup, press F3
          ================================================== =

          Is this telling me there is something wrong with the image I built?


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            Re: Need Help - RIS Server

            Happened to myself when i was first learning RIS.

            Either the client machine does not have enough memory to install windows XP to begin with (64MB) or the Image installation is corrupt.

            I simply created the image from a different XP CD and worked o.k

            Also, learned all i needed to know about RIS from the microsft articles.

            Here's article to address your earlier problem.


            Why stop at Network Card Drivers, when im doing images i put the whole damn lot on! Sound/Video/Modems/Chipsets....etc. Saves tricking about later. Nice to have an image to suit any client machine on your network too! Good idea to stop then start the RIS service after any file changes.

            Also, (although probably a bit late) attached is the Dell Generic Network Card drivers i use.

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              Re: Need Help - RIS Server

              Ok - I finally made this work. I found a blog that discussed a source path in a file - txtsetup.sif. The path points to an incorrect location and by changing it to only point to "\" then the system is able to do the install.

              Thanks, everyone, for your support. I still think this should be easier than it proved but getting it working makes everything a bit clearer.