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RAS Setup with USB Modems

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  • RAS Setup with USB Modems

    We are in the process of planning an upgrade to one of our servers that has MS 2003 Server RAS on it. Right now we have a PCI card that connects 4 modems to the server card via a mulitiple input single output modem cable. Sorry, I'm not sure on the actual lingo on the modem hardware.

    While thinking about upgrading this server, we thought about purchasing a USB hub and purchsing 4 USB modems to connec to the hub. Of course, the hub will connect to the server. My question is this...does this sound like a logical way to setup RAS with 4 dial-up modems?

    If not, does anyone have an idea of a better way to complete the setup? VPN is out of the question. As this is used for nurse's to go to a patient's home then dial up to access patient records. In the rural area I live in, not everyone has high speed internet access.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: RAS Setup with USB Modems

    IMHO stick with your 4-port PCI card - it sounds like a good one such as DigiBoard or the like.
    USB modems are OK for home but not reliable in a server. They are probably not even on the Windows Hardware Compatability list or whatever it is called now. And DEFINITELY not through a hub - I have had only problems whenever a Hub has been involved.

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      Re: RAS Setup with USB Modems

      I wanted to stick with the Digi card, but it will not fit into the low profile PCI slot on the newer servers. We actually ended up getting a new peice of equipment from Digi to take care of this need. It's a 4 modem/1 USB rack unit.
      MCITP:SA, MCSA 2003, MCP, CCNA, A+, Net+, Security+