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Problem with printer sharing

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  • Problem with printer sharing

    HI everyone.
    I have a problem with my printer. Here is the situation.
    I have a server with win 2k3 OS and 10 computers add in. 6 have win 98SE, 4 win XP os.
    Every user connect to server and work with accountancy's program AGNUM. They creating and printing invoices.

    Now the problem: On win 98 I connected HP LaserJet printer and shared it. From win 98 computer it printing perfectly but when I added it to server's Printer and Faxes directory the printer doesn't print from server. And this is going on from any computer which select that printer to print, including the user to which computer printer is connected.
    Printer tasks table showing that document is sended and document status is Printing but 0Kb from all document size was sended to it. So, do you know where the problem can be? and how to solve that?

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    Re: Problem with printer sharing

    Get a JetDirect card for the printer, attach it to the server, and use the server as the print server.


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      Re: Problem with printer sharing

      Is the DS client installed on the Windows 98 PC's?
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        Re: Problem with printer sharing

        Like already said below, by far the easiest and the best solution is to always network your printers and always network them from a central location (In your case Windows Server). You can get a Network Printer Hub/Server very cheap nowadays. They can range from as little as €50(for Conversion Cables) to a couple of hundred (Depending on make and model and how many printers you would like to attach). Surly a price suitable for any office.

        It sounds like the current problem your having is with the driver difference. Win 98 uses different drivers than Win xp or Win2003. You cant share a printer from a Win98 to a WinXP and simply ignore the NT Ver Drivers of that printer.

        With the Network Print Hub/Server you can install both required drivers for that product on Windows 2003, that way when shared, it will auto install either the XP or Win9X drivers for any Windows Operating system. You dont have to have the client machine always on to print either (Have you thought of the effects of that?)

        Best not to beat about the bush with this problem and just get straight down to your nearest hardware providor.

        (Or) Since its a small network is it possible to just simply install it on the server directly and share it from there? Is there room? You can always get an extension lead for USB or LPT Leads?
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