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DHCP show not connected - Server2003

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  • DHCP show not connected - Server2003

    I have a server connected with a hub. The server has AD, DNS, and DHCP. The DHCP is showing Not connected but if I click on it the status changes to active. However, if I close the dialog and come back it is, again, not connected.

    I need this to work for my RIS to work as the client is not being assigned an IP address.

    What could be the problem here? Where do I look? I have an authorized scope and everything else that would seem needed.

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    Re: DHCP show not connected - Server2003

    One other thing - IP addresses are not being assigned so whatever is wrong is critical.

    I have it set up to have the server address and the range from to available to be assigned.


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      Re: DHCP show not connected - Server2003

      Lets go back to the beginning. Your message is a bit unclear.

      You have installed and authorised the DHCP server in AD??
      You have created a scope in DHCP??
      You have activated the scope in AD??
      Your clients cannot get IP Addresses??

      Are your clients on the same domain??
      Can you ping your server by it's IP??


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        Re: DHCP show not connected - Server2003

        An update - I am getting I/P addresses but I have a problem with it showing not connected.

        When I open the DHCP manager the status shows not connected. But if I click on it then it shows active. I thought I was not getting addresses but it appears I am. I don't understand why that is the case.


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          Re: DHCP show not connected - Server2003

          It simply means that the DHCP console is not connected to the DHCP server, it is not an indication that the DHCP server has a problem. When you "click" the server the status should change to ** Active **, which means the console is now connected to the DHCP server. You should confirm that the DHCP server is working correctly by looking at the Leases under your Scope(s). You can also turn on audit logging on the general tab of the server properties. You can also right click the server and view statistics.