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DNS IP Address issue

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  • DNS IP Address issue

    Hopefully this is the right forum for this.

    I currently have a DC/DNS server that I want to assign a different IP then it has. Is there a certain procedure I need to follow, or can I just assign the new IP and everything will be fine?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: DNS IP Address issue

    Hi Tow-eric,
    There are a few things you must check.
    • Is this DNS used by anything to resolve requests? (If so how have they gotten this address, DHCP maybe?)
    • Is the server set to register itself with DNS? (If you move it will it let DNS know?)
    • Will this affect zone transfers? (How are zone transfers configured?)
    • Does this DNS resolve against external resources? (Will you have to reconfigure firewall rules?)
    • Will there be an routing issues?(Between the DNS server and other DNS servers, with DNS clients, with AD?)
    • Is this your only DNS server? (What happens if it all goes wrong?)

    There may be more I've not listed too.
    I don't know anything about (you or your) computers.
    Research/test for yourself when listening to free advice.


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      Re: DNS IP Address issue

      Looks like they have decided to keep the same IP's.

      Thanks for your reply.