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WINS server migration

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  • WINS server migration

    I remember migrating DHCP from 1 2003 server to another using primarily a Netsh command.

    I have the "instructions" for migrating WINS from a W2K > W2K3
    That do not involve NETSH

    Question: what is the method/syntax for migrating WINS from W2K3 > W2K3?

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    Re: WINS server migration

    If it was me doing the migration i would do the following

    Install Wins on your new 2k3 server.
    Setup replication to pull from the old win 2k server.
    Force replication.
    Point your clients to the new 2k3 server.
    Remove WINS on the old 2k server.


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      Re: WINS server migration

      My question is: why are you using WINS? Do you have legacy clients or applications that need it? If not, I would recommend getting rid of it altogether.


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        Re: WINS server migration

        there are many reasons why one would want to employ a WINS server instead of relying on DNS to provide name resolution...

        first, lets recall the NetBIOS resolution sequence...
        1st: NetBIOS cache
        2nd: WINS
        3rd: broadcast
        4th: lmhosts
        5th: hosts
        6th: and finally...DNS

        just looking at that sequence gives you a clue that its gonna take a little while to resolve things based solely on DNS... resolution is gonna be hella slow if you have to rely on DNS alone, so for internal connections, a WINS server is beneficial.

        another reason...

        legacy applications sometimes rely on having a WINS server handy. if you have programs that need NetBIOS resolution, then its best to leave your WINS server online...

        also, you may have some computers on your net that are older and/or not able to dynamically register their names via DNS. hopefully everyone has at least win 2000 clients on their net, but not everyone does.

        but thats just my take on the WINS server situation.

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          Re: WINS server migration

          That's not strictly true with XP and 2003. Reference the following article:


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            Re: WINS server migration

            Exchange needs WINS
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              Re: WINS server migration

              and yeah joeqwerty, what dumber said...

              i think the benefits of a WINS server far outweigh the cons. its cheap (comes with the OS), efficient, fast, and has very low overhead.

              but thats just my two packets...
              its easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.
              Give karma where karma is due...