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  • WSUS Errors

    Hi Guys,
    I the event viewer, I can see an error from WSUS Service which occurs every 6 hours.
    I keeps saying : "Many client computers have not reported back to the server in the last 30 days. 78 have been detected so far."

    78 is ramdom but keeps increasing.
    I think I understand what it means, even tho iam not sure.
    how could I fix that (if fixable) ?

    Or what does it really mean ??

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    Re: WSUS Errors

    Seems to me your client PCs aren't requesting windows updates thru your WSUS server. This should be a matter of concern since they may not be getting critical MS patches. And 78 is a unusually large number. If can have users hit up a simple batch file via GP with the update command <wuauclt.exe /force> on startup/login.


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      Re: WSUS Errors

      Definitely sounds like a configuration error. Make sure your clients are set to request updates from the WSUS server, either from group policy ( or from a startup script.

      Also, check what groups the computers are in on the WSUS server and make sure they are configured to periodically check for updates

      No doubt you have probably read this, but the following is a link for a basic WSUS setup

      hope that helps