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    I have windows swever 2003 with 2 network cards.One connected to the interner modem and the other is connected to lan.

    Im trying to configre the server to give ip to the client connected to the lan interface.I configured a scope with a range of ip addresses but the client is not getting an ip from DHCP.Do I need to configure which network card is connected to lan? Where? (I tried to connect the client with a cross cable and with a regular cable throw a switch but the problem remained unaltered).

    The other problem is that after the client will get an ip,How do I configure the server to route between the two network cards so the client will get internet.

    I know I did not specify all the details you need but I assume that U understand the problem.

    Hope U can help or give me a link to a site that describes all the procedure.

    Thnx in Advanced

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    I suggest reading the help related to RRAS, NAT and ROUTING found in the Windows Server 2003 system.

    Also, make sure your DHCP only listens on the internal NIC (through the DHCP properties window), and that you have a valid scop installed, the same as the IP address of the LAN NIC on the DHCP server. For example, if your server user as the LAN IP, then configure a DHCP scope of to (or less) and exclude Also, make sure you add all the relevant options such as 003, 006, 015 and so on. As I said, RTFM first though.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services