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  • remote session

    one user asked that is it possible to connect the same session as he opend in office from home.
    for example, he is in session 1 in office, then he wants to use the same session from home as well.
    i know we can use mstsc /console for console session.
    how about session other than sonsole.
    there is one workaround by using task manager
    is there a express way? something like mstsc /console?


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    Re: remote session

    What does it mean "the same session", do you mean user session created by logging with the same name+passwd ?



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      Re: remote session

      Is the user using a Server 2003 Terminal Server when in the office, and then wishes to continue to use the applications that are still open and running when he has got home? If so, read on....

      Start > Administrative Tools > Terminal Services Configuration > Connections > RDP-Tcp

      Right click and hit Properties, then on the Sessions tab you can control whether sessions get destroyed, or stay alive, and for how long etc.

      If a Terminal Server user disconnects from his session, rather than logs off, AND the session settings as described above are set to stay alive for a long time (long enough to drive home, kiss the wife, have supper, etc. etc.) he will then join the old session and all the apps that were running will be still there.

      However, you have to train the users STRONGLY to save their docs as I have people complain their docs got dumped (unsaved) when they take too long rejoining their session and the session gets temrinated.
      Best wishes,
      MCP:Server 2003; MCITP:Server 2008; MCTS: SBS2008


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        Re: remote session

        yes, i meant the same usernema and passord.
        i will try this option as paul mentioned, and give you guys a updated.
        thanks so much