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SMB signing on member servers

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  • SMB signing on member servers

    By default, it seems like Windows 2003 Server that is NOT a DC does not have SMB signing enabled on it. That being the case, an XP machine connecting to the 2003 file server would NOT use SMB signing.

    I find this really odd. I'm assuming this is done because of the slight performance hit created by SMB signing.

    Does anyone actually turn ENABLE SMB signing on member servers so the clients can communicate with it securely?

    Due to our environment, I'm concerned about man-in-the-middle attacks...

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    Re: SMB signing on member servers


    We are using it in our setup.

    I would say that you should not force it but you should configure it for negotiating first so that you do not face any communication related issues.

    Just have a look at this:

    Following hot-fix is also usefull:

    Kapil Sharma
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