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Problems with Win 98 and w2k3

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  • Problems with Win 98 and w2k3


    i'm computer administrator of little organization. We have one server with w2k3 and 12 computers - 4 computers with win xp and 8 with win 98 SE.
    I've shared D disk of server with full control for all users and there everybody save all data and everyday work with it.

    And some connection problems happened with win 98. Sometimes (at least one time a day) it lost connection with D disk. I don't know why?
    Internet are functioning, Remote control to server from this computer functioning well too.
    I don't know there is the problem and how can i solve it. Can you help me?
    Mabye you know w2k3 optimal settings for win 98? I really don't know there problem may be!

    I thought that is DNS problem but I write in the C:Windows\Hosts file server name and IP adress. I hoped that it will help but it wouldn't.

    I create in every computer .bat file, which automaticaly connect to D disk. Here the source of it:

    net time \\ /set /yes
    net use I: /delete /yes
    net use I: \\\ddisk /yes

    then i run it, it almost everytime connect.. but the employee have angry on me because they can't work properly through connection problems.

    Best regards,

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    Re: Problems with Win 98 and w2k3

    If i were you i'd be thinking about moving to XP, heck even 2000 would be better than 98.

    Back to your problem. Windows 98 isn't a proper client OS and as such it doesn't have the same presence as 2000, XP does.

    It's not a DNS issue as you are using the IP address to connect to the server.

    What exactly happens when the user experiences a disconnect??

    I'm also presuming you have the DS client installed on the 98 machine??

    Is this a domain you have setup??


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      Re: Problems with Win 98 and w2k3

      98 Doesnt use DNS to find other computers on the network. Make sure WINS is installed on the server and your DHCP server issues the WINS IP to the clients. Until you get rid of the 98 machines your network needs WINS to function correctly.
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