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irish domain & windows 2003 server

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  • irish domain & windows 2003 server

    I'm a bit stuck here . i have configure my windows 2003 server with my domain name
    and when i do a dns test my domain is still @

    now what i want to know is .has anyone got windows 2003 server working with irish .

    i tell you why.

    i want to host my own web site & emails from my own machine but the dns & mx record are still poiting to

    so when i type in www.????.com it comes up that this domain is register by us on behalf of our client .

    i have setup windows 2003 server before with and there free services and it work without any problems . i could type in and it would login to my machines web site .

    some help please as i really need to launch my web site soon.i have google ads setup but they wont reach my server when clicked .

    again some help would be great

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    Re: irish domain & windows 2003 server

    Could you please repost this in English and not Irish
    Also put it in the correct forum for Server 2003 and not SBS. Oh never mind I'll move it for you........

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      Re: irish domain & windows 2003 server

      DNS for Windows shouldn't be used like DNS servers on the internet are used. Think of DNS a way of machines on your local network to find each other only.
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