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    OK, I think I've found out why a lot of emails to certain domains are coming back now - it seems our static IP is not configured to allow reverse DNS. This is the scenario:

    Our internal and external domains are the same. Our email is hosted by a third party, which we download to our Exchange server. When mail goes out, it gets sent directly from our Exchange server. Question is this - would the reverse DNS issue be fault of our ISP, or our own server, which sends the mail?

    In DNS management, there are no Reverse Lookup zones listed. Is that the problem? If the problem is with our server, how do I fix it? I'm not hugely knowledgable on DNS issues.

    Thanks in advance for any help given.

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    Re: Reverse DNS

    It is on your ISP's DNS, contact them. Typically you have to twist some arms to get them to do it though.
    Here is some light reading, but really read it so you sound like you now what you are talking about when you call/email them.
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