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Driver issue - W2K3 64bit

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  • Driver issue - W2K3 64bit

    Hi all,

    We've got an ML360 64bit F&P server in our domain and installed 64bit Vista drivers for HP1022n as HP did not issue a 64bit XP driver.

    The system fails and reboots systematically every day (Fault bucket 00744918 - EventID 1001)

    Any clues on how to tackle this issue?

    Help is appreciated...

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    Re: Driver issue - W2K3 64bit

    first thing to prevent this problem: dont install drivers for things that dont apply to the .inf. that is why windws gave you the warning "this driver wasnt meant for your crap. please dont do this or i will blue screen" or something to that effect.

    to get rid of it...

    you will need a list of the files that were installed with that driver package. write them down... go to a machine and extract the driver package or install it if need be... but make sure its a test system. just get the list of files. now that i think about it, i think that HP has that info on the website for each driver package... check there too.

    now, if you can reboot in safe mode, do so and uninstall the crap that isnt supposed to be there. that should fix it. reboot and find out.

    if not, then take your list out and boot up with some kind of PE disk.. ERDcommander, or a bartsPE, or even a knoppix (assuming you can load the NTFS drivers to allow you to browse the partition) and delete the files.

    give it a try after that.

    if that doesnt work, then do a repair install on the box. this will replace the files with APPROVED files and then you can put things back to the way they should be.

    if that doesnt work, then i guess your screwed. sorry... i cant think of anything else to do.

    good luck.
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      Re: Driver issue - W2K3 64bit


      thanks for the tips...I shall try that even though the IT manager is considering downgrading the box to 32bit